Essence Brown is a beautiful fashion magazine editor-in-chief living in New York City. Malcolm Hill is a handsome real estate agent from Chicago. When they meet on a business trip, things begin to hat up. They say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but what happens when you do?

Planez will take you on the ride of your life; full of sex, thrills and betrayal. This isn’t your ordinary flight…fasten your seat belt and prepare for take off.


Essence was making a bold decision by moving to Chicago. With all she endured in New York City, it was time for a fresh start. Malcolm couldn’t be happier to have his woman by his side. He was still beating himself up over his lack of judgement; making a vow to protect her NO MATTER WHAT! As unfinished business surfaces, he must fight to keep Essence safe.

Bonds will be tested.
Lines will be crossed.
Will their love survive the turbulence?

Get ready for the next flight! 


Erin and Ryan Edwards were blessed from birth. Born into a world of silver spoons and diamonds and pearls, the lovely twins lived the glamorous life. Unfortunately, at the age of 16, their parents were brutally murdered, leaving them and their brother Don Jr. as products of the system. The girls received a reality check early, as they were forced to live life on the other side, where the grass wasn’t always greener. Luckily enough, their blood was filled with the fuel to hustle. It wasn’t long before the girls found a way to survive. Motivated to go back to living the only way they knew how, the girls began to take what they needed. Thick as thieves isn’t just an old saying, but a lifestyle worth living for Erin and Ryan.

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