Raymond pt. V (see previous post)

Before I knew it, it was morning. I could smell the aroma of Mama’s traditional Sunday Breakfast. Fried haddock, pancakes, eggs, cheesy grits, and biscuits for Pops. I started to make my way downstairs. I was greeted by a smiling Mama as Pops stood behind her, holding her waist whispering sweet nothings in her ear.... Continue Reading →


         I cannot stop staring at him; this man in front of me was perfect. His neatly twisted dreadlocks, rough scruffy beard, dark brown complexion, everything about him was perfect. His muscular arms, 6-pack, and cuts! Even his little tight ass was perfect. The way he walked, talked, ate, drank, slept, any... Continue Reading →

The Bad Bitch name Karma

“Oh, baby…yes! Right there.” Sade moaned as she arched her back further. Beads of sweat forming on her caramel skin, as Nelson fucked her like a dog in heat. “You like that?” Nelson asked through clenched teeth. Although, he already knew the answer. Just by the way Sade was throwing it back at him, he... Continue Reading →

Blue Moon

Last night I was lonely. For the first time, in a long time. To the point where I mapped out messages in my head, to send like, Heyyy, Big Head 😘 I even went as far as, typing out a text like, Heyyyy! 👋🏾 No wait, too extra ...backspace-backspace. Heyyyy Now, it seems desperate...delete the... Continue Reading →

Hair Rehab: 6 month check in

 I said it six months ago and I’ll say it again. “The best thing for me was to cut my transitioning hair, so I can fully embrace my natural curly locs.” The past six months has been an adventure, though. Days of me admiring @thecutlife IG page, begging my hair stylist for some creamy crack.... Continue Reading →

Tell Her 

I wonder what you’ll tell your next girl about me Will you tell her all my secrets, you pinky promised to keep  Cross your heart & hope to die Stick a needle into my heart Will you tell her how you played me like a fiddle Fingering my strings Creating an emotional masterpiece As I... Continue Reading →

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