The Letter

Dear Ex-Lover, I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough for you. Im sorry I interrupted your life with my presence. I’m sorry I’m so numb to this pain. You see you’re not the first one to break my heart. It started with the man who whispered sweet nothings in Mama’s ear. The man that was supposed... Continue Reading →

Motel 6

“Yo! Last night was crazy! Super wild.” Jerod exclaimed. “Oh, word?” Tim nodded his head at his overzealous friend. Tim wasn’t really in the mood to hear another one of Jerod’s crazy Saturday night stories. They were so often and repetitive, Tim could recite them without even being there. All he wanted was to enjoy... Continue Reading →

MJay’s Corner Turns One!

I’m so glad that I went with my gut and started this blog site. Like any type of change in ones life, it was scary. But what I have learned from life experiences, is that change is inevitable. So many times we hold ourselves back when our whole purpose in life is to evolve. I... Continue Reading →

Raymond: The Finale

These last couple months, I brought me back! I returned to work. Our bundle of joy is growing healthy and strong. 'A Man’s Cave' is doing well, bringing in good numbers! The cops finally stopped harassing us and I finally stopped having nightmares of that night. Now it is time for the wedding! Last night’s wedding... Continue Reading →

Raymond pt. X (see previous post)

When I woke up, I could not see or speak. I squirmed around in fear, discovering that  I was also tied to a chair. I screamed for help, but they were smothered. “Well, it seems like Mrs. Smart mouth is awake.” I heard Red voice. I was crying uncontrollably as I felt her touch me with... Continue Reading →

Raymond pt. IX (see previous post)

The Man’s Cave was the talk of the town. Ray decided that he’d open it up to the public for the first 2 days, but after that a membership was required. He figured that he'd gain more members, if they knew what he had in store for them. Opening night had a real cool turn out. I believe... Continue Reading →

Raymond pt VI (see previous post)

When I said I was going to address Mama’s state, I didn’t mean this soon. Here we were celebrating Ray’s fate and my mom was being rolled away on a stretcher. I knew something wasn’t right with her. At the hospital Pops, Ray and I were in the waiting room, waiting for answers. Pops had... Continue Reading →

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