Motel 6

“Yo! Last night was crazy! Super wild.” Jerod exclaimed.

“Oh, word?” Tim nodded his head at his overzealous friend. Tim wasn’t really in the mood to hear another one of Jerod’s crazy Saturday night stories. They were so often and repetitive, Tim could recite them without even being there. All he wanted was to enjoy his food.

“Word!” Jerod tapped Tim’s shoulder. “This bitch was so bad bro! I’m talking big ass titties, small waist, and a fat ass. Oww Weee! I can still feel her moist insides.” Jerrod closed his eyes, imagining he was reliving last night’s adventure.

Tim forced a smirk for Jerod’s comfort. Which didn’t really matter much, Jerod was going to keep talking regardless. That’s the type of dude, he is. Jerod liked to brag about certain shit. Tim knew about every chick Jerrod had been with. It wasn’t enough for him to just spill her name, taking in account they were formal enough, he had to go into detail every single time. Tim was convinced Jerrod was over compensating for something but leave it to Jerrod, he was good.

Jerrod and Tim have been boys since grade school. Even then, Jerrod talked a lot. Tim has always been the chill and laid back one. He didn’t like too much attention, where Jerrod wasn’t in his zone if he wasn’t the life of the party. In some odd way, the two balanced each other out. Jerrod may be a little over the top, but his loyalty was intact. He held Tim down to the fullest degree. Always ready to pop off if a nigga was to get out of line.

“Bruuuhh,” Jerod continued, “here I am pounding her shit. Like a nigga that just got out of a 20-year bid. Her ass was rolling like the ocean, my nigga. I was almost seasick watching her throw that shit back in waves. She was moaning all loud and sexy and shit. Now, I’m forced to think of some other shit, because the last thing I wanted to do was nut. Hell nah, boy. This shit felt too good and I ain’t no minute man. You feel me?”

“Yeah, Yeah,” Tim responded. He too wasn’t a minute man, but he didn’t waste his times with broads that didn’t deserve his rod. Tim was selective with who he laid down with. If the mental chemistry wasn’t there, it was a dub for him. There was no one-night stands or broads on call for him. Not at his age anyway. The younger Tim had his share of women, but at the age of 34, it was over for that. Tim had stopped fucking pointless women, years ago. As you age, some shit just doesn’t excite you like it used to.

“So, we still getting it. Then she says, ‘Papi, I wanna taste me off you.’ I forgot to tell you she was a Latina. You know them bitches, is freaky! Say no more shorty. I pull out and sit on the bed. Shorty stands up, all seductive and shit. She kneeled down in front of me, and before her tongue even touches my tip, we hear some weird ass noises. She jumped up all scared, and I’m looking at her like, ‘what the fuck is that?’ So, shorty ran to the door and locked it. She looked at me and said, ‘That’s my dude, you gotta leave.’ My dick immediately went limp. I’m damn near tripping over shit, tryna get my ‘fit back on. I’m mad as fuck. Nigga, we on the second floor. This bitch lost her mind if she thought I was about to climb out a fucking window.

So, I’m putting on my shit, and she’s fixing herself up. Her hair was a fucking mess from the way I was yanking that shit. Anyway, I get my shit on, and she opens the window waiting for me to go through it. I looked at her mad greazy, and she rolled her neck back at me. I walked over to the window and saw there was a fire escape. This sneaky bitch, she must do this shit all the time. I smirked and shook my head. ‘Leilana, why the fuck is this door locked?’ This nigga was yelling and banging on the door. That was definitely my que to get the fuck outta there. I climbed through that window so fucking quick, yo you would’ve thought the building was on fire.

Before I get to the bottom, I can hear him yelling and screaming calling her all types of putas and some other Spanish shit. They going at it, back and forth. Meanwhile, I’m just tryna get to my ride and take my ass home. I hop in the whip and look back up at the window, I see this nigga staring right at me yo. On some weird shit. I start the car and look back to see if the nigga was still there. He got the bitch out on the fire escape, sucking his dick.”

“You lying!” Tim continued to egg him on.

“I swear to Allah, my nigga. Yo, but the nigga still was looking at me.”

“You think he knows what was up?” Tim asked.

Jerrod shook his head, “Man, I don’t give a fuck. I peeled off after that. Shit, was crazy wild right?”

“Hell yeah…” Tim started but was cut short.

“I know, I’m done fucking with these bitches…at their crib,” Jerrod started laughing, and Tim chimed in.

“What’s it going to take for you to settle down man? That shit could’ve gone a whole ‘nother route.”

“Yeah, it could’ve.” A dude from the booth behind them turned around and spoke up. Tim looked at the dude, trying to figure out why the fuck the next nigga was all in their business and felt the need to respond. Jerrod turned around to face him, ready for whatever.

“Look, man, this ain’t got shit to do with,” Jerrod stopped once he noticed who he was talking to.

“Yeah, nigga. It got everything to do with me.” Leilana’s dude stood up and backed out his strap.

They hadn’t noticed him before this time. Tim’s trigger finger itched as he remembered he was packing too.

“Look, nigga, I aint in the business to beef over some pussy,” Jerrod spoke.

Dude laughed, “Aint no beef, my nigga. Just, want to let you know to stay away from my bitch.”

“You got it.” Jerrod through his hands up in defeat. He had no plans of seeing the bitch again, even though she was fire.

“Good, that’s what I like to hear. Now, if I ever catch you around my bitch again…”

“What?” Tim stood up with his, burner pointed at ol’ boy. All of his, tough guy persona went out the window. He continued to hold the gun up to Jerrod, but the intensity had left.

“Ain’t no beef.” He slowly put his gun back into his pocket and started backing away.

Jerrod smiled as Tim gave the dude the look of death until he was no longer inside the diner.

“Yo, thanks my nigga.” Jerrod showed gratitude.

“You already, now let’s get the fuck outta here. They probably already called 12.”

“Bet.” Jerrod agreed. He threw some money on the table to cover their meal and a little for the inconvenience.

“You need to get your shit together, bruh.” Tim spit game to Jerrod.

“I will bro. Next time, I’ll take her to Motel 6.” Jerrod laughed.

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