MJay’s Corner Turns One!

I’m so glad that I went with my gut and started this blog site. Like any type of change in ones life, it was scary. But what I have learned from life experiences, is that change is inevitable. So many times we hold ourselves back when our whole purpose in life is to evolve. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m tryna reach great new  heights! And I can’t do that off fear, doubt nor shame. I’m learning to accept change. Most times I am the catalyst of change. Now, I’m not talking about those things I don’t have control over. I’m talking the instances where I have full control. It’s not enough for me to just sit around and complain. I must do something, even if that means letting it rock. Man, that’s a wonderful feeling. It leaves less time for stress and more time for progress! That’s the goal right?

Anyway, my basis for creating this blog was to get my voice out there. I had already published my first novel, Planez, and I was in a search for a following. All my up and coming indie authors can understand this! I’ve learned that my friends/families, although they do support me to the fullest, are not my target market. I needed to get myself out there to folks who want to read what I have to offer. I needed to branch out beyond the city of Rochester. S/O to my readers from all over the US, Canada, and India! Not only that, I needed a release. As I stated on the welcome page, my mind is a messy place. It’s filled with creativity and the only way to express it is through written words.

Thank you all for rocking with me this past year, thanks for the follows, likes, comments and shares! I really appreciate it! Y’all are the fuel that keeps me going! 😘

P.S. I missed #ShortStorySunday last week, but this Sunday! I promise will be everything, you needed and more! Make sure you invite a friend!

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