Raymond: The Finale

These last couple months, I brought me back! I returned to work. Our bundle of joy is growing healthy and strong. ‘A Man’s Cave’ is doing well, bringing in good numbers! The cops finally stopped harassing us and I finally stopped having nightmares of that night. Now it is time for the wedding! Last night’s wedding rehearsal went great. I can only imagine how today is going to be. I am even more excited that Mama is here to share this precious moment with me. The last few weeks have been rough for her, but she is hanging in there like the solider she is.

“Tanya, you look beautiful.” Mama said to me as she watched me stand in the mirror all dolled up. My dress was the traditional white dress with a train. I wore a veil over my face and underneath, each strand of hair was placed perfectly. My make-up was flawless. This was truly my day and I had to represent as the Queen that I am.

“Thanks, Mama. I’m so glad you can make it.” I answered.

“Of course I’m here baby girl. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

“Mama, I love you!” My voice started to crackle.

“I love you too, now don’t you go crying messing up that face.”
“She better not.” Tisha, my make-up artist and also one of my bridesmaids interjected.

We laughed, “I won’t Tisha I promise. Get dressed. We are fine.” I hurried her off. She was so busy getting wedding party together she was late getting herself together. Good thing her hair was already laid and her make-up was done. All she had to do was slip on her dress. My bridesmaids dresses were navy blue, simple yet elegant knee length dresses. I know most people rather make their bridesmaids where ugly dresses so they can look the best. I on the other hand, refuse to have any ugliness apart of my wedding. I am only doing this once and I am going to do this right.

Sade is  my maid of honor, her dress has a mixture of navy blue and white. She actually designed it herself along with the other bridesmaids dresses and I loved the concept. I looked around the room at smiling faces, Mama, Sade, Tisha, my cousin Ebony, my good friend Latrell, and Ray’s cousin Lisa made up my wedding party. I smiled back at them with butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know if it was nerves or what. I was so anxious to walk down the aisle to claim my King.

Ray’s wedding party consist of Tim as the best man of course, his homeboy Donte, and three of his cousins Louis, Ian, and Brian. Ray tux is also white to complement my dress. Last I knew he wanted to wear a pimp hat and a carry a cane and I wasn’t with it. He said he’d do it anyway so I guess we’ll see. His guys have charcoal gray tuxedos with navy blue bowties. Ebony’s daughter was the flower girl and Sade’s twins were both ring bearers. I wouldn’t dare choose between the two. They’re both adorable and that just would not have been fair.

“Okay, Ladies time to line up and get this show of the road!” Carlos came in clapping his hands like a mad man. He’s my wedding coordinator. I actually meet Carlos one night out at the club and he talked about owning an event coordinating business, this was when I was at least 18 and we’ve stayed in touch every since. I am glad we did because he is the best. I am also so proud of him for following his dreams and never giving up. Its hard enough being an openly gay man, but to have no support from your family because of your culture and have to strive to be better on your own, that’s tough. I believe that’s why we clicked so much. Here I was a complete stranger yet, he let me into his world and I felt every passionate word that left his lips. Although he was a little tipsy, we all know a drunken tongue speaks a sober mind.

“Carlos, will you calm down. Before you get Tanya all worked up again.” Sade asked rolling her eyes at Carlos.

“Well excuse me Miss Thang,” Carlos snapped his fingers, “I aint know you were the one in charge.

Sade just rolled her eyes. I don’t know what it is about them too, they can never seem to be in the same room with out bickering back in forth. Gladly it never got to serious; the two fight like cats and dogs then make up like rabbits. Well not literally, but you catch my drift.

“Anyways, Mama Margaret, you know you walk out first. Here’s 2 roses to sit down on Ray’s parents seat.” I felt it was extremely important to honor Ray’s parents. Although they could not be here physically they are here in spirit and who better than Mama to help with that. She could’ve not been her, but thank God she is.

“Sade.” Carlos rolled his eyes at Sade as she pretended to shoot him. “Ebony, Tisha, Lisa and then Latrell.

“Why am I last?” Latrell asked sounding like the brat she is.

“Because you’re an amazon honey. We need you in the back.” Carlos laughed as we all joked at his comment. It was true. Latrell was very tall and slender so it was only right she walked with Brian, he’s the only guy tall as her. Plus, she would be blocking the other girls view when it came down to the ceremony.

“Now, little Miss Flower girl and the boys.” Carlos lined the kids up.

“Queen Tanya. Its your turn baby girl.” Carlos smiled. Everyne in the room clapped as I stood in the mirror and looked myself over one last time. I was stunning and I know I will definitely sweep Ray off his feet,  once he lays eyes on me.

We headed downstairs and with each step I got even more nervous. Our princess began to kick me. I don’t know if she was nervous too or if she was trying to tell me to calm down. To be six months pregnant, I rocked this dressed very well. Usually pregnant brides come out looking like beach whales, but not me honey. Not today.

Pops stood in front of me ready to give me away.

“You ready baby girl? Its not to ate to run.” Pops joked.

“I am ready. There is no turning back now.” I smiled.

“Well okay then.” Pops linked my arm as we began to enter the chapel. The traditional ‘Here comes the bride song’ was being played on the organ. Everyone stood up, smiling, as I made my way to Ray. Ray looked fine! He did not wear that silly hat nor did he carry a cane. Thank God. I felt like a movie star. Better yet a Disney Princess. This is the beginning of my happily ever after. Just like every fairy tale there are some bumps in the road to get thru. Each of them well worth it. I reached Ray and he could not stop smiling. He couldn’t wait to pull back my veil. Everyone in the crowd laughed.

We exchanged vows, kissed, and were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Trevor Reynolds. The crowd hollered as we jumped the broom and headed out the exit. I wasn’t with all that throwing rice mess so we just skipped that part. There were a few petals in the end caps of the benches to throw our way. Much gentler than grains of rices no matter what they represented.

We headed to out reception site in a horse carriage. It read just married in the back so everyone could see how beautiful love can be. As we arrived we took pictures out back. The outside scenery was so beautiful we would’ve been a fool not to have taken our pics there. After the photo shoot was out the way it was time to party. I went to change my dress to something more comfortable. And at 6 months pregnant heels were not my best friends. I threw on some cute flats to match my white cocktail dress and I was ready to go! I could not decide on what foods to have, especially being pregnant I wanted everything, so I decided to go with buffet style. That way everyone will be pleased because they get more to choose from. There was also an open bar. I was kind of bummed that I couldn’t drink. I could see every one else enjoyed it expecially Ray.

“Babe, I love you sooo sooo sooo much.” Ray sung into my ear.

“I love you too Babe.” I replied kissing him on the lips.

“No, I like really love the fuck out of you girl.” Ray emphasized.

“I really love the fuck out of you too boy.”

“Chill, Im a grown ass man out here.” Ray joked.

“You got it, Mr. Reynolds.” I laughed.

“Thank you, Mrs. Reynolds.” He pulled me close and we kissed each other like no one was around us. We did not care. We were in love. We were just married. We were going to enjoy this time.

“Hey, hey, hey. Cut all that out now. We got enough of that earlier at the ceremony.” Tim said from behind us.

“You hating Tim because you aint got nobody to love up on? Where’s your date anyway. Whats her name Sheila, Sara, Sandy?” I joked trying to remember who was his latest victim.

“C’mon sis. Don’t do me like that. I aint messing with nobody right now. You know who I want.” He licked his lips. I already knew who he was referring too.

“Tee, hook my man up.” Ray instigated.

“Ya man, is a grown ass man. He better take his ass over there hisself.” I said.

“Dam, sis its like that?” Tim asked.

“Tim I did my part, go do you pimpin’’ I patted him on the back giving him a little nudge so he could make his way over to Sade. Ray and I watched their interaction. Sade mean ass hadn’t walked away yet so I guess Tim was actually getting somewhere. Finally, he locked his number in her phone.

“That’s my boy.” Ray laughed clapping his hands.

“And that’s my girl. I will fuck Tim up bout her.” I said seriously.

“Babe, relax. Tim a good dude. He just ain’t as luck to have found someone to settle down with, like myself.” He pulled me closer to him again as we smiled at each other not moving our eyes from one another.

“I love you Ray.”

“I love you too Mrs. Reynolds.”


I hope you guys enjoyed Raymond. I originally wrote this story three years ago, with the hopes of publishing it. I got discouraged by someone who read a piece of it and laughed like it was some kind of joke. I was hurt, furious, and discouraged. Allowing you guys to see what my mind is made of, healed me from that situation. It has been my pleasure to keep you guys enticed each Sunday! Next Sunday we’re off to something new! Are you excited? So am I!

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