Raymond pt. VIII (see previous post)

This past month has been flying by. My belly growing each day; not much to show at three and a half months,  but with my petite frame it wasn’t hard to miss. The wedding was less than two months away and things were coming along.

Ray has been in straight grind mode. Ripping and running, but remaining focus. We haven’t talked much about his plans. He honestly hasn’t said anything else about it but, I am okay with that. I’m done pushing the issue, after all I am not his mother. I am his wife, well soon to be wife. He needs my support and trust. I trust him enough to know that his word is his bond.

One day I came home, after a long day of work and was shocked with amazement. The lights were off and the sweet smell of  vanilla filled the air. The lights beamed off the walls allowing me to follow the path of rose petals left on the floor. They led me into the dining room.

As I stepped into the dining room, I found Ray standing in nothing but a Chef’ hat and boxer briefs, looking so damn fine. His milk chocolate skin, glistened in the night’s light. I couldn’t help but bite my bottom lip as a puddle formed in my thong. Ray walked over to me slowly and grabbed my hand to be seated.

“What’s all this Ray?” I started to ask as he put his fingers to my mouth stopping me.

Ray reached on the table to get a chocolate covered strawberry and feed it to me. I closed my eyes as I bit down slowly.

“Ray…” I began again.

“Shhh…baby girl just relax.”

I did what Ray told me to. Relax. Something I really needed to do. After I had enough strawberries, Ray brought out our dinner. He prepared my favorite. Smothered porkchops, white rice, cabbage and cornbread. Umm. How luck am I to have a man who can throw down in the kitchen, like that?

We ate in silence as we spoke to each other with our eyes. Once my plate was clear, Ray brought out a piece of chocolate cake, another one of my favorites. This time he fed me every bit, very slow and sensual. I wanted to speak, to thank him, but I decided not to. I was going to continue to follow his lead because that is what a real man does, take lead.

“Sit tight baby, I’m going to run you a bath.”

“Okay, Ray. I’ll just clear the table.” I responded back.

“Tee, please just relax. I got this ma.”

I smiled as he kissed my forehead and cleared the table. He headed up stairs and I could hear him running the water. I couldn’t help but think of how grateful I was to have him. Every since he found out I was expecting his baby. He’s been extra delicate with me. It’s not like he wasn’t always there when I needed him, but now it was OD. Apparently because I’m pregnant and too fragile to do anything. He didn’t even want me to work anymore, but that was not going to happen. I’ll take the usual time off for the birth and recovery. I am fine.

“Tee.” I heard Ray yell from the master bedroom.

“Yes baby?” I asked as I wasted no time to head up there.

He was already in the tub waiting for me to get in. I damn near tripped trying to come out my clothes.

Ray laughed, “Slow down baby. I ain’t going nowhere.”

“You bet not.” I said with a hint of attitude as I sat between his legs and he began to stroke my belly.

“I can’t wait for my boy to arrive.” Ray said.

I looked at him sideways. Neither of us knew what we were having. Pops was the only one who knew and he planned to keep it that way until the wedding reception.

“You mean our baby girl, Baby Tanya!” I cooed.

“Oh hell nah. I can’t handle two of those.” Ray joked and I splashed water back on him.

“Whatever, you started it. I just want the baby to be healthy you know.”

“Yeah. I know. My son will be healthy. Just like his Pops!” Ray lifted his arms from under the water and flexed his muscle. I just rolled my eyes. Thinking how the hell would I deal with two Raymonds.

“I love you Ray!”

“I love you too Tanya. I have a surprise for you.”

I turned around to face Ray. “A surprise?” I asked.


“Well, what is it?”

“You have to wait until tomorrow.”

“Rayyyyy.” I crossed my arms in front of me. Ray just laughed.

“You’re such a brat, yo.”

“I am not.” Still pouting.

“Yes you are and because I know you are. I’ll show you the surprise tonight.

I started to get out the tub. “Okay, where is it?”

Ray laughed again, “You ain’t playin huh?” Ray grabbed my ass and pushed me close to him as I stood up in front of him with bubbles dripping off me. Ray propped my left leg over his shoulder and went to town with his tongue.

“Raaayyyy,” I moaned. “Thhisss…issss…not….a…suuurrr…prriiseeee.” Ray ignored me and continued to pleasure me. He flicked his tongue around my clit and used two fingers to rotate inside me.

“I’mmmm gonnnaaaa falllll Rayyyy.” I pleaded, but that did not stop him. He just gripped me tighter with the unoccupied hand and did not stop until he could taste me on his tongue. Then he slapped my ass.

“Get dressed we gotta go.” Ray winked at me as I struggle to catch my breath. He damn near sucked the soul out of me, how was he expecting me to walk. He must’ve read my mind because he gently helped me out the tub.

“Just throw on anything comfy.” He yelled into the bed room as I heard him get out and let the tub water out.

Ray came into the room and through on some joggers and a white tee. Where could we possibly be going?  Ray made me put on a blindfold as he navigated his way through the city. Although the ride was quick, it seemed like forever with the blindfold on.

“Can I take this stupid thing off now?” I asked anxiously once the car stopped.

“Nope. Not yet.” Ray got out the car and rushed over to help me out. He lead me on a path. He finally stopped me and took the blind folds off. In front of me was a building that read, ‘A MAN’S CAVE’ in big red letters.

“What is this Ray?” I asked to clear up my confusion.

“It’s ours baby?” Ray answered sounding so proud.

“What you mean ours?”

“This is my new business venture. This is how I will clean that dirty money. Turns out Stienman is a jack of all trades he helped me out a lot.”

“Really Ray?” I was amazed.

“Yup!” Ray stood smiling so proudly. It has three floors. A barbershop, a bar & grill, and a game room.”

I laughed. “Hence, the name.”

“Exactly Baby.” He laughed too.

“I am so proud of you, Ray. I knew you’d come through for us,” I rubbed my belly, “I just didn’t think it’d be like this.”

“Yeah me neither, but I’m pretty sure business will be booming in no time. I just need to hire a couple girls and we can open.”

“Girls?” I asked annoyed.

“Yes, ma girls. Girl barbers and waitresses. Only men on staff are behind the scene and I got that handled. Even the security team are women.” I rolled my eyes. “C’mon Tee. This is huge for me. Having a bunch of beautiful women in here will definitely keep us a good crowd!”

“I guess, so is it a man’s only place?”

“I mean its membership only. So I guess women who like women can come in too.” He laughed, but saw that I wasn’t.

“Well, I guess I won’t be stepping in there.” I said only half serious.

“Yeah, right you got an office in here. And you are going to help me pick the girls and their uniform.”

“Oh, am I?”

“Yup! C’mon let me show you inside.” I had to admit the inside was pretty nice. Ray really did his thing in here. You can tell he had a plan and he executed it well. The color scheme was red, black and white. Which didn’t surprise me at all.

I turned to hug Ray, “Baby, I am so proud of you. I don’t need to be a part of this, this is yours.”

“But, I want you too. This is ours, baby. I am doing this for you. For us?” Ray bent down and rubbed my baby bump.

“Ray, I don’t have time to search for girls. I’m still trying to get this wedding planning done.”

“Oh, you don’t have to search for girls. We got interviews tomorrow. So let’s get home and get some rest.” Ray kissed me and began to walk towards the door. Some nerve he had. I will of course, support him. Besides I’m happy he is out the game. A happy wife makes for a happy life, that I was prepared to live.


I was a little apprehensive about the interviews, but Ray’s wish was my command.

“You ready baby girl?” Ray asked me as we sat a table with his right hand, Tim.

“Yup.” I responded looking at Tim. “You ready Tim?”

Tim wasted no time. “Hell yeah I’m ready to see some fine ass…”

“Who do we have first?” Ray interrupted Tim as I started laughing. I guess he was right about hiring an all women staff. If men responded as Tim did to just the sight of a beautiful women, I’m sure they’d come spend money on them. Shit. Maybe Raymond should’ve opened up a strip club, instead. I laughed at myself I wish he would. I’d cut him!

The barbers went first. They came in with a portfolio of their work and they had to demonstrate a live cut in front of us. These girls were talented, but after questioning them it was obvious who I wanted working around my man. I picked five Lady Barbers to join the team.

Now, the waitressing process was just questioning. I had to make sure these ladies who were going to represent my family well and do a damn good job at it. They were all beautiful, but beauty and no brains cannot pay my bills. It took us a while to deliberate on the waitresses, but we picked Rochester’s best 10 to show up. I also convinced him to hire a greeter to scan the member’s passes. She had no waitressing experience, but she was so pretty, smart and determined to work. We needed her on our team.

“Well, that wasn’t bad.” Ray spoke after everything was said and done.

“Yeah for you two. I did all the work. All ya’ll did was sit there with your mouths wide open.”

“Them bitches was bad.” Tim said.

I shot him a dirty look, “Ray, get your friend and wash his damn mouth out.” I stood up from the table.

“My bad, Tee you know I don’t mean nothing by it.”

“Yeah, iight. You better not touch any of my girls.” I pointed at him,

“Your girls?” Ray questioned smiling.

“Yup. My girls. You better not touch any of them either.”

“I wouldn’t dare, ma. I got all I need right here.” Ray stood up and hugged me.

“Don’t nobody wanna see all that.” Tim hated.

Ray and I laughed. “I’ll see you later Daddy. I gotta go.” I kissed Ray goodbye.

“Iight love.” Ray said barely wanting to let go.

“Hey, Tim,” I turned around. “You can go after the rejects.” Tim face lit up so fast.

Tim was a nice guy. Him and Ray been rocking since they were kids. They grew up in the same projects. Tim was definitely a ladies man. I use to be concerned whenever they were out partying together, but I trusted Ray enough to not fuck up. It wasn’t enough to take Tim’s word. They were just like brothers, he’d lie on the stand for him. As  I grew to love Ray, I knew it was all Tim. Unlike Ray, Tim didn’t have a mother figure in his life. It was always him and his Dad. He watched his Dad go through females like it was nothing and that’s what Tim grew accustomed to.

He kept saying one day when he met the right girl he would settle down, but he never kept them around long enough to take serious. He always had a crush on Sade, but she never paid him any mind. She knew he was always screwing a different chick so why would she be any different. Sade hasn’t really met anyone she felt comfortable enough to open up to. She’s had a few flings here and there, but nothing as serious as her and Saun. She focused on taking care of my Godsons and running her spa she opened about a year ago.

Ray came home around 9pm that night. It felt so good knowing that he was out doing legit shit. I wouldn’t have to wait up for him to call me or not call me for that matter. We talked about my ideas for uniforms, which he loved. I wanted the waitresses in all white. It’s so normal to see them rocking all black, but we were aiming to be different. The barbers were going to wear black fitted jumpers with The Man Cave stitched on the back and their name in front.

Ray really got something going with this move he’s making.  Not to mention, letting me put my two cents in, had me thrilled for this new journey. Ray could now plan his grand opening.

Be sure to tune in next Sunday to find out what happens next!

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