Raymond Pt. III (see previous post)

          Ray has been in the house more lately. It has kind of put me at ease, but I can not help but think it won’t last too much longer. I trust him with all of my heart, but I doubt him so much. Who could blame me?  I’ve been waiting for four years for him to get out the game and he still hasn’t budged. Here I was his fiancé, willing to marry such a dangerous man. I am willing to spend my life with a man, that was already married. Married to the game. How can I compete with that? He’s already taken. I’ve watched the game, damn near take out my father. I’ve lost a couple cousins and friends to the game. She was such a bad bitch. Shit, I don’t know who badder, life, karma or the game.

          My work days have been so stressful since the engagement. You would think this would be a joyful time for me, but my mind was on overload when it comes to Ray’s fate.

          “Are you okay, Tee?” One of my co-workers asked me as we sat in the nurses’ lounge.

          “Yes, I’s good.” Forcing a smile. It’s my job to help and care for others and I couldn’t even care for myself at this moment.

          “Um…although I know you’re not okay, I’ll leave it alone.” Thanks, I mumbled to myself, “but” uh-oh, here comes the disclaimer, “I am here when you are ready to talk.” Georgia and I worked together for about three years now. She’s much like me, always trying to be the nurturer, but I knew how to avoid her tactics. No one knows what Ray’s occupation is. Occupation? Listen to me, that ain’t a job. I’ve always just told them he was into business, just a little twist. I mean business is involved. I’m glad my phone rings to interrupt my thoughts.

          “Hello, Tanya Michaels speaking.”

          “I prefer Mrs. Tanya Todd.”

          “Who is this?”

          “I guess you don’t know me now?” I knew exactly who this was.

          “Why are you calling me? How did you even get this number?

“Is that how you welcome an old friend?”

          “We are not friends. You’re old news and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t contact me anymore. Good bye.” I could hear him laughing as I hung up the phone. That was very odd. I haven’t spoken to Kalvin since I fucked him and his bitch up 5 years ago. What does he want? And how did he get my number?

          My first instinct was to call Ray, but I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. He’d destroy Kal if he found out and I would not be able to live with that on my conscious. Hopefully, Kal would just take my word and leave me alone so Ray doesn’t need to get involved.

          The rest of my shift was running smooth, which I was very grateful for. With so much on my mind lately, I can not deal with any added stressors. By 7:30pm, I was ready to head home. As I walked across the parking lot to my car, a strange feeling came over me. A feeling as if, someone was watching me, maybe it was just my paranoia as my mind flashbacked to Kal’s mysterious phone call, I walked faster to my car. I got in my car, locked the door and let out a sigh. I was tripping, just when I put my key up towards the ignition I heard a knock on my window.

          I looked up in fear as a man dressed in all black with a scruffy beard and sunglasses pierced at me through the window. I put my key in the ignition, but it stalled. I looked up at the man in the window, my heart was pounding, palms sweating, as he smiled. That damn smile, a missing front tooth and a bottom full of gold teeth, it was Kalvin. What the fuck was this?

          “Need help baby?” He laughed. My stomach turned into knots. My light skin turned pale as I cracked my window enough for him to hear me.

          “What the fuck do you want Kalvin?” I was irritated more than anything, scared as hell too. He didn’t look like himself. Well, not like I remembered him.

          Kal took off his sunglasses, “I just wanna talk.”

          “Talk about what? Its been five years. What is there to talk about?”

          “Us.” His face was serious. Was he serious? I laughed.

          “I’m serious Tanya. I’m sorry.”

          “Good. I got your sorry, FIVE YEARS AGO! Didn’t mean shit then and definitely don’t mean shit now. I’ve moved on.”

          “Just hear me out Tee.”

          I tried at my ignition again until it started up, “Fuck you Kal.” I spat and drove off.

          My adrenaline was rushing through my entire body. I turned into a Nascar driver as I sped through the streets. Dodging any and every obstruction so I could get home.

          I had to tell Ray. This was ridiculous. As soon as I made it into the driveway I dialed Ray’s phone. Of course no answer. What if I needed him earlier? What if Kal had tried to hurt me? I left him a voicemail to call me right way and also sent off a text message. By the time I got into the house and stripped off my scrubs, Ray called. I told him I needed him home and low and behold he was there, quick, fast, and in a hurry. He must’ve heard the urgency in my voice.

          “What’s the matter baby?’ He asked with worry in his eyes. It was so hard for me to speak I just broke down.

          “Baby, what the fuck happened to you? Somebody hurt you?” His questions went unanswered as I continued to ball. “Answer me Tanya!” He yelled.

          “Its…its Kal.” I managed to say.

          “What about that niggas?”

          “He called me at work.”

          “What he say? How he get your number?”

          “I…I don’t know. He just called. He didn’t say much.”

          Ray started stroking my hair, “So why you so upset Tee?” I could hear the frustration in his voice. He was pretending to be patient but, I knew he was sitting on needles right now.

          “He was outside my car, when I got off.”

          “What? Why the fuck you aint tell me he called you in the first place?”

          “I don’t know, Ray.”

          “What you mean you don’t know?”

          “It’s not like you were going to answer anyway, Ray.” Now I was annoyed, he got some damn nerve.

          “Don’t fucking play me Tanya. Don’t start that weak shit right now. What the fuck he say to you?”

          “Just that he was sorry.”

          “That’s it?”

          “Yes, that’s it.”

          “So why you so shook up baby girl?”

          “He…He…he didn’t look like himself,” I stuttered. “His eyes were dark and cold and his beard was thick. I was scared Ray. My car stalled, I didn’t know what to expect Ray. Where were you Ray?”

          “I here now baby, shhh.” He grabbed me close, holding me tight. His attitude had changed, he was my soft Ray, not hardcore street Ray. I felt safe as I always do in his arms.

          “I got you ma. Don’t worry, I got you.” His infamous words. I got you. I don’t know what to make of his statement, but right now I didn’t want to think about it. All I wanted was some food, a bath and my California king bed.

          Ray proceeded to cook dinner as I relaxed. After dinner he ran me bath water and he bathed me like I was a child. It felt so good to have him, “have me.” No words were spoken between us, just frequent eye contact and gentle touches. Our chemistry was still crazy after all this time together. I believe it got stronger each day.

          Once I was out the tub and in bed Ray went to shower, I lay in bed like an infant until I felt him behind me.

          “I love you Tanya Reynolds.” The thought of his love for me sent chills up my spine. His voice caused goosebumps to form on my skin. His smell made me crave him. His touch drives me wild.

          “Make love to me Raymond Reynolds. “Without another word mumbled he did just that. Taking his time to please every inch of me, inside and out. The room was filled with groans and moans as we made love. My king. Oh how I love this man.

          The next couple of weeks went by smooth. No more estranged calls from Kal. No unexpected visits. Ray was on his best behavior. He answered all my calls the first time or sent a text when he couldn’t pick up. He even sent over flowers and a small gifts every other day. I knew what he was trying to do and it was definitely working. I’m such a sucka for him. Things went real smooth when I didn’t pressure him about his lifestyle. The truth was I was exhausted, between work and wedding planning. I was feeling burned out, besides, why go looking for a problem when everything was all good.

          It was late on a Friday night and our engagement party was the next day. I was in the living room with my Ray Bans hanging at the tip of my nose, finishing up the final touches for our party. I was so wrapped up in finishing the placemats that I didn’t hear Ray come into the dining room.

          He draped his arms around me and kissed my neck. I let out a small moan as I basically melted in my chairs. His kisses were so gentle; light as a feather. I began to squirm in my seat, unable to sit still. I wanted him, all of him.

          “Come to bed, baby.” He whispered between kisses.

          I was unable to speak. Hell I don’t think I had the breath in my lungs to breathe. I felt my soul lifting as his hands started caressing my breast. He flicked my nipples making them hard as a rock as he continued to kiss me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. What a powerful man he was. Even without words he was powerful, without the guns, the drugs, and the timbs, he was powerful. Knowing him at his most vulnerable state, made me love hime even more. It lets me know that I’m able to comfort him, he can let down and be free in my presence, with no worries at all.

          Ray’s kisses migrated to the back of my neck as he skillfully pulled my t-shirt from over my head. I reached behind me to grab for his dick but, he removed my hands. He wanted to take control and I let him. Ray’s hands, those powerful hands, made their way inside my shorts. As he passed my peach fuzz to my clit, I spread my legs wider. I allowed him full access to what was his. He earned it and most definitely deserved it. He brushed his fingers across my clit, up and down, as I grinded my hips slowly. My mouth open wide, my head hanging back and Ray continued to kiss me. His fingers dancing with my clit now moving in a circular motion. Round and Round. My stomach muscles got tight as I reached my peak. Ray stopped kissing me, even though I could still feel the electricity from his lips. Ray’s hands were coordinating well, up, down, round, round, up, down. My legs started to shake as my body tensed and I let out a great moan. Ray pulled my chair out so now he could face me. He had that gorgeous smile plastered across his face and I tried my best attempt at smiling, but my body seemed to be still convulsing. Ray put his fingers into my mouth as I sucked my sweetness off them. Staring into his eyes with every lick as he stroked his dick, it took no time for him to pull off his boxers and my warm mouth met his dick. I licked his tip round and round as I stroked his shaft up and down. Ray gripped my hair, moaning with each friction. He pulled me closer as my throat got longer and I deep throated his dick. All nine inches of chocolate. All which belong to me. No questions asked. Ray must’ve felt himself about to cum as he motioned me to turn around. I placed my hands on the seat of the chair and arched my back, inviting his chocolate bar into my pool of cream. His strokes started out slow and steady as he sped up, as if he was in a race. He grabbed my hair yanking my head back, perfecting my arch. The sounds of our love making filled our home as our voices of pleasure chimed in.

          “I…looove…youuuu…Rayymmooonnnd.” I studdered out.

          “I love you too baby.” Ray returned with clenched teeth before letting out an awe. I looked back and I could see his head drop back, as he filled me and I released around him. Panting fast we slide down to the carpet each trying to catch our breath.


          “Yes, baby?”

          “Are you ready?”

          “Ready?” He turned to look at me with confusion in his eyes.

          “To get married.”

          “I’ve been ready since the day I met you.”

          “You sure?”

          “Yes. Are you ready Tanya?”

          “Yes, baby.”

          “Okay then, no doubts about it.”

          “I just wish…” I closed my eyes and swallowed hard.

          “Tanya, trust me baby. I know I’ve been saying it for a long time and I’m almost were I need to be. For us and for our family. Just give me a couple more months. I promise.”

          The words, ‘our family’ replayed in my head. I wanted to start a family. We could use some baby love to fill these walls. We haven’t talked about kids in a couple years, but it was always me who initiated the conversation. At that time Ray was adamant about not having kids. I guess time changes things.

          “You want a family?”

          “Of course I do. Just had to do it right, wife then kids. You’ve made an honest man out of me. You deserve the world.”

          “I already have it.”

          “I don’t know what’s greater than the world, but I am willing to show you. You probably gave up on my words, but it’s my bond and I’ll let my actions prove it.

          All I could do is smile and rub my hands through Ray’s neatly twisted dreads. He matched my smile as he gazed into my eyes

Be sure to tune in next Sunday to find out what happens next!

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  1. The fact that I kept refreshing the page until part 3 was posted! I’ve fallen in love with the characters, as I always do. I just love LOVE. All I can keep saying is please don’t let anything happen to Raymond. Can’t wait until part 4!!


      1. LOL don’t let the devil use you 😭. I’m in love with Raymond like I’m in love with Malcolm 😩. They both have to stay around FOREVER & I mean that 😢😍. BUT dope job as usual 💯.

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