Raymond Pt. II (see previous post)

“Ray hand me that body butter from off the dresser,” I yelled out to him from the shower. It has been five years since Mama has been cancer-free and Pops was throwing her a remission party.

Ray pulled back the shower curtain and I turned to grab the body butter from him as he stood there naked with his rod in his hand.

“Ray we don’t have time.” I said, but he totally ignored me and climbed in the shower.

“You’re taking all day in here. I’m just coming to wash up.”

“Oh,” I said stunned. He put some body wash on his rag and started to wash his rod. He looked at me and smiled as I stared at him with my mouth wide open.

“Switch positions with me baby,” he said, brushing past me to get under the shower head. I watched as he cleanse his body, water rolling down his perfect dark skin. I couldn’t resist myself, I kneeled down taken him into my warm mouth. His mouth opened letting out a gasp. I worked my tongue against him as he gripped my head directing me to take him all in. And I did just that. He motioned me to stand up as he turned me around and bended me over.

As soon as he entered me I let out a moan. He filled me like it was made personally for him. Steamed filled the room as we fucked in the shower.

“I’m coming baby, “ I moaned.

“Meee….toooooo.” He groaned as we climaxed together. “We made time.” He smirked slapping my ass, quickly cleaning himself and hoping out to get dressed. I quickly followed suit we were pressed for time but, how can I resist this man?

We stood in the mirror admiring ourselves. I was wearing a skin tight knee length coral dress which complemented my dark brown skin perfectly. Ray rocked a charcoal grey tux with a coral bowtie. He could dress his ass off and never missed the opportunity to prove that.

“You look great, Raymond.”

“Not too bad yourself, Tanya.” I pushed him playfully pouting. “I’m just playing baby. You look beautiful.” He pulled me close to him and I could feel his rod harden as I kissed him softly.

I whispered, “Later.”


“Pinky promise.” I said as I slipped on my heels and walked out the bedroom.

There were quite a few people at my parent’s house when we arrived. Everyone in different shades of pink supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. We mingled with family and friends. Even Mama’s doctor and her family was there. Pops sure knew how to throw a party. The look on Mama’s face all night was priceless.

“Excuse me, excuse me everyone.” Pops yelled out trying to get everyone’s attention to make a toast.

Pops raised his glass in the air, “This is for my best friend, Margaret. Baby, it has been a long five years. Trips to and from the hospital, sleepless nights, the pain and suffering, but most of all fear. I was afraid I was going to lose you. I was praying for the best, trying to keep the worst out of my mind but, it still lingered. I waited on you hand and foot, like you’ve done for me these past 30 years. It wasn’t easy, believe me, but it was damn sure worth it. I love you Margaret Anna Mae Michaels and I always will.” Mama wrapped her arms around Pops neck, almost knocking over his champagne, to give him the biggest kiss I’ve ever seen. They demonstrated to us all that their love was indeed pure.

The spectators stood in awe, clinking their glasses, as Mr. and Mrs. Michaels showered each other with love. Pops broke away from her affectionate embrace to speak again, “Now, I think Mr. Reynolds here has something he would like to say.”

I choked on my champagne when I heard Pops call Ray up to speak. What can he possible have to say? “You okay baby?” He asked. I nodded yes, trying to clear my throat.

“Thank you, Mr. Michaels. Thank you Mrs. Michaels, you’re an amazingly strong woman. I’ve had the honor of watching you fight this battle and kicking its ass,” I nudged him as my mom chuckled. He looked back at me with this ‘what baby?” look. “Excuse my language, but my point is, you’ve fought like a warrior and I’m glad to see you so lively. You’re a beautiful woman and you’ve raised such a beautiful daughter.” He turns to me.

“Tanya Janae Michaels. I love you with everything I have in me. I’m sure I have your parents to thank for that, but I also would like to thank you. I know these past five years have been rough with you as well and some of the best for me because each day since the first day we met, I have fallen further and further in love with you.” Ray kneeled down on one knee and Pops walks over handing him a small box. My heart skipped about three beats as he opened the box before me.

“Miss Michaels, would you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Reynolds?”

I was speechless, tears started to form in my eyes as I shook my head yes. Everyone cheered as Ray stood up and kissed me. We mimicked the same affection as my parents and all I could do was hope or bond stays as tight as theirs.

Mrs. Reynolds has a nice ring to it, not to mention this ring I was rocking. I can’t believe Pops knew about this, but Ray and Pops did hit it off quick. Pops didn’t judge Ray’s lifestyle because he was no stranger to it. He always assured me that Ray would get out of the game and I hung on to that word.

The whole ride home I sat in the passenger side looking back and forth between my rock and my man. So much excitement was going through my body I couldn’t tame myself. I shifted in my seat the whole 15 minute ride. Ray must’ve been thinking the same thing as me because soon as he closed the foyer’s door we damn near jumped on each other. We undressed each other without unlocking lips. Somehow we ended up on the floor of the foyer where we made sweet, sweet love. Slow, steady and sweet. Ray carried me up to our bedroom as we slept body to body. What a great feeling it was, I could get use to this, for the rest of my life.

I woke up to find myself in bed alone. I listened to see if I could hear Ray in the bathroom or down in the kitchen, but I didn’t hear a sound. I looked out the window to see only one car in the driveway.

I dialed his number and he forwarded my call. He sent back a text saying, Baby I’m sorry. See u l8tr. I put my phone down in rage. It’s 9:30 in the morning and he’s already out and didn’t feel the need to let me know. Not like it would’ve made a difference I’d still be furious.

I just told this man I would marry him, to spend eternity with him. Like this? I questioned myself. Living in worry? Something has got to change. I called him again. No answer. Not even a text back this time.

I had so much anger built up inside of me, I decided to hit the gym. I worked out for about two hours, trying to let off all my steam. That wasn’t enough so I hit up my girl Sade to have lunch with me.

“Wassup, Tee,” Sade answered. Sade has been my girl since grade school. She was the first person I clicked with, even though we have our differences.

“Heyy, Boo.” I said, trying to hide my frustration.

“Wassup Tee? You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” I lied. “Can you meet me at our spot for lunch?”

“Yes, girl on my way.” She said quite urgently, she knew something was up. The whole ride to lunch I contemplated on what I was actually going to say. I knew whatever I said, Sade was going to give me the raw truth and that’s one of the reason why I love her so much.

Sade was already sitting down looking over the menu when I got there. She jumped up as soon as she spotted me. Her embrace was so strong. After we ordered our food, the catching up began.

“How’s was Mama’s party? I’m so mad I missed it.”

“It was nice. Pops did a good job. Raymond also purposed to me.” I started.

Sade started squealing, “Oh my God! Let me see that ring! Yasss! Mrs. Reynolds bitches! Okay, now!” She was so excited she hadn’t realized I wasn’t as overjoyed as her. I just handed my left hand over to her as she admired my rock.

“This is so…” She started until she realized my blank expression, “this is great news Tee. Why aren’t you happy?”

“I am happy.”

“Shit, you could’ve fooled me. Ya ass look miserable as hell. What’s eating you up baby girl?”

“It’s Raymond.”

“What he do already Tanya, damn?” She questioned.

“I woke up alone this morning.”

“Okay. And?” She just didn’t catch where I was coming from.

“And I want him out!” I raised my voice without even realizing it.

“Out?” Sade questioned, looking even more confused.

“Out the game, Sade.” I answered a little annoyed.

“I hate to be the one to break it to you,” No you don’t, I thought. “But you already knew what was up from jump, Tee. That man has been straight forward with your ass from jump. You accepted it. Now you just want him to up and change?”


“Yes? Girl it don’t work like that. You fell in love with a hustla, why you want him to change now?”

“Because, I am scared.”

“Scared of what Tee? That man worships the ground you walk on, the seat you sit ya big ass in and the bed you lay in. What more can you ask for? He protects you, he provides and he professes his love. What else do you want?”


“Stability? You aint stable enough? You got a nice whip, a dope crib. Shit, you aint even gotta work, I don’t know why you do.”

“What if he end up in jail?”

“Don’t let that worry you boo.”

I couldn’t help but think, “What is he end up dea..” I cut my question short as I remembered that Sade’s husband was murdered two years ago. Saun was heavy in the game, one day some boys from out of town busted in the spot and left no witnesses. It took Sade a long time to get over Saun’s death, for months she would hardly eat or sleep. Lil’ Saun had to stay with Sade’s mother. She was unable to care for herself aint no way she could care for a 2 year old.

I had Sade’s back every step of the way. It was horrible and I felt so helpless. There was no bringing Saun back and there was only so many consuling words to give. Many days I’d go visit her and we’d just lay on the bed in silence. No talking, no TV, we just laid there. I never wanna see my girl like that again, let alone myself like that.

“Dead?” She asked, kind of rhetorical, breaking my thoughts.

It took me a while before I responded, “Yes.”

“Its all apart of the game, shorty.” I was shocked at her response, but I didn’t have the energy to dig deeper. I honestly didn’t wanna know where this nonchalant attitude about death came from. By that time our food had arrived and we ate in awkward silence.

“Okay, Tee. I gotta run. I love you. And remember don’t worry baby, be happy.”

“I love you too Sade.” I smiled at my best friend as I watched her walk away. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was Ray.

“Ray, where the fuck you been?” I yelled, unable to control myself.

“Tee, calm the fuck down…”

“Don’t tell me to calm down,” I cut him short, “where the fuck are you?”

“Yo Tanya, I swear you better fucking chill”

“Chill? How can I chill?” I noticed the people who were trying to enj their lunch were staring at me, I rolled my eyes, a little embarrassed.

“Yes, chill. You already know wassup.”

“But, why Raymond?”

“How else we gon’ eat ma?”

“Nigga, you act like I don’t fucking work.” He had some nerve. I’ve been busting my ass working, a legit job.

“But, you aint got to.” His voice morphed with Sade’s at that point. These two must think I am helpless. I can make my own damn money. I am fully capable. I aint rack up on student loans for my health. I love my job. I love what I do.

“Yes, I do have to Ray. That’s what normal people do.

“I work too.”

“You call this a job Ray?”

“It’s my fucking job. I told you I’m gonna get out soon. Stop pressing me Ma, for real. I don’t need the fucking stress.”

“Stress you? I wake up to an empty fucking bed, no text, no call all day and you stressed?”

“Ma, you already know how it is tho.”

“Fuck that Raylin. I am sick of your sorry ass excuses. I knew what you did from jump. I accepted that, yes. But, once you talked about getting out, that’s what the fuck you were supposed to do. Be a man of your fucking word.” Now I was crying. I was furious at this point. How did he expect me to react. “I am on my way home Raylin Trevar Reynolds and your ass better be there when I pull up.” I stood up out the booth and dropped some money on the table.

Ray just laughed and hung up. I weaved through traffic making my way home. Tears flowing down my face. By the time I reached home Ray was already home.

I slammed my purse and keys on the floor as soon as I stepped into the foyer.

“Hey, baby,” Ray walked out the kitchen, with a beer in hand. He said  the cutest smile on his face acting as if nothing just happened. I was still mad as hell, but the sight of his white teeth and dimples made me wet.

“Don’t baby me.” I screamed.

“Tanya, calm down.” He said calmly. Why is he so relaxed? He think this is a game?

“Yo don’t keep telling me to calm down.”

He stepped closer to me, bending down close enough so that his lips could meet my ear and whispered, “Tanya calm your ass the fuck down. Go take a shower and bring your ass back down here with a better attitude.” His raspy voice sent shock waves through my body, no matter how mad I was. He tried kissing me on the cheek, but I made sure to pull away. A much as I wanted to devour his ass on that marble floor, I had a point to prove, so I walked away. Ray made sure to smack me on the ass so hard it echoed through the house. I turned around trying to maintain my pissed off attitude, but he just laughed at me.

After I got out the shower Ray was in the living room watching the NBA finals and on his third beer. I sat next to him and he immediately pulled me close to him.

“You still mad at me baby?” I didn’t speak, I just nodded my head yes. Ray kissed my hair and let out a sigh. “I got us baby girl, I promise.

I closed my eyes and that same line played over and over in my head. Ray was usually a man of his word. I just layed there in his arms believing that he “got us” the way I needed him to.

Be sure to tune in next Sunday to find out what happens next!


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