The Bad Bitch name Karma

“Oh, baby…yes! Right there.” Sade moaned as she arched her back further. Beads of sweat forming on her caramel skin, as Nelson fucked her like a dog in heat.

“You like that?” Nelson asked through clenched teeth. Although, he already knew the answer. Just by the way Sade was throwing it back at him, he could tell she was enjoying it. If that wasn’t enough, her sweet moans that filled the room, was definite confirmation. Or even the way her head lagged as he pounded all eight inches of his dick inside her.

“Yessssss,” Sade moaned, “yessss, Daddy, yessss!” Nelson had Sade in a complete trance as each deep stroke touched her soul. A smile came across his face as he felt her pink walls closing in on his dick.

“I’m ‘bout to cummmm.” Sade warned Nelson, as if he didn’t know what was coming. Nelson smacked her ass, as his body tensed up, ready for a release. Just as he was getting close to nut, he pulled out ready to paint her back.

“What the fuck!” A familiar voice put a halt to Nelson’s and Sade’s pleasure. Nelson’s dick went limp as he watched his fiancé standing in the doorway of their living room. Sade once perfect arch, turned into a slouch as her body laid stiff as a board on the sofa.

“Baby, I can…” Nelson begin, as he walked over to Saige.

Saige’s face was the color of a tomato, “you can what? Explain? Explain why the fuck you were just pounding on my baby sister, in our fucking living room?” Saige’s voice was full of anger. Sade begin to cry as she rushed to pick up her clothes. Sade knew how her sister got down and she didn’t have much time to try and make an escape.

“Baby.” Nelson reached his hand out.

“Don’t fucking touch me! You fucking dog! That’s my baby sister!” If looks could kill, Nelson would be six feet under.

Sade continued to cry, crocodile’s tears, as she put her shoes on, “Sis, I am so sorry. We were just…” Sade began explaining her deceit through sniffled words.

“Just what? Fucking in my living room? I know I should’ve never let your hoe ass stay her.” Sade had a bad reputation in the streets. Any one associated with her was ashamed, but Saige was the type of person who held family down 100%. When it came to family, especially Sade, Saige would go to war. Too bad Sade didn’t inherit the same loyalty trait as her big sister.

“He came on to me, sis. I promise.” Sade tried to further explain herself.

“Bitch, stop lying. You was begging to suck my dick.” Nelson spat to Sade. The audacity she had trying to pin the whole thing on him.

“Just as you were trying to eat my pussy for the last three months.” Sade shot back, no longer in crocodile tears.

“You a hoe ass bitch.” Nelson continued. They were both too much into calling each other out, they forgot Saige had just caught them both. It didn’t matter who came on to who, at this point. It wasn’t until the sound of broken glass, that got their attention as they looked for Saige.

Sade rushed outside, as Nelson stumbled to put his boxer and sweatpants on.

“Saige, what the fuck is you doing?” Sade yelled out to her sister. She got no answer. Saige was too bust taking her Louisville slugger to her sister’s tinted car windows.

Nelson had finally made it outside to see what Saige was doing, “Saige, baby don’t do that!”

“Okay, baby.” Saige answered Nelson’s request. Just long enough to make it over to his 2017 Mercedes Benz.

Crssssssh! Saige’s pink slugger, shattered Nelson’s back window. Nelson ran up to Saige without thinking. Saige cracked the bat across his left knee, causing him to fall in excruciating pain.

“Arrgh!” Nelson called out.

“Sis, calm the fuck down. Damn!” Sade’s attempt to calm her sister down only led to Saige turning the bat on her. Saige cocked the bat back ready to knock Sade out the park.

“Put the bat down!” A police officer yelled out to Saige. She was in so much rage, she hadn’t notices the blue and red lights in her driveway. The nosey neighbors must’ve heard all the commotion and called. That was a plus living in a predominately white neighborhood, fast service.

Warm tears fell from Saige’s eyes as she dropped the bat and put her hands up. Her chest rising at a fast pace, as adrenaline and anger pumped through her veins. The police officer rushed over to her knocking her on the ground as he handcuffed her. The force of her body hitting the pavement was nothing compared to the pain of betrayal she felt from her fiancé and sister. She was numb as she was led to the police car.

Nelson struggled to get off the ground, “wait officer! It’s cool. Please don’t take her.” Her plead went unanswered as he shoved Saige into the backseat.

“Tell that to the Judge tomorrow morning.” The police officer got into his vehicle and drove off with Saige in the backseat. Nelson dropped his head in his hands, disappointed that he had allowed pussy to ruin his woman’s life.

Nelson and Sade had been messing around for the past three months, despite Sade’s lie of Nelson’s initiation. It was her who came on to him. Sade was evicted from her apartment, so Saige let her stay with them. Little by little Sade tried to set a trap for Nelson. Nelson dodged it for a while, but Sade was very powerful. It was like she was doing mental voodoo on him and one night he fell into her trap, or pussy for that matter; tongue first.

Sade always was jealous of Saige. She wouldn’t admit it, but she possessed envy for her big sister. Even when they were kids, Sade wanted everything that Saige had. And not that included Nelson. It wasn’t as if Sade was a bit attracted to Nelson, she just wanted to get a piece to prove that she could have what Saige had. Instead of working her ass off to live the life Saige built, she thought of ways to break down Saige’s dynasty. Without the slightest regret, Sade smirked at what she caused. Her perfect big sister was on her was to the Monroe County Jail to be booked.

“I knew I should’ve never fucked with you.” Nelson broke the silence.

Sade smiled, “you couldn’t resist all this,” As she turned, prancing her sexy body around.

Nelson licked his lips without even knowing. Sade was very attractive; a blind nigga could see that. But he should’ve put on blockers, knowing that was his future sister-in- law. Nelson never really looked at Sade in that way. It wasn’t until she started staying with them, walking around the house with little to nothing on, that he noticed how bad she was.

“Yo, you bugged the fuck out. You don’t even care that your sister was just carried away in a police car off the strength of our fucked-up decisions.

Sade didn’t respond. Nelson was right, but pride would never allow Sade to admit it.

Nelson shook his head as he watched how pitiful Sade looked. Yes, he played a part in this affair, but his heart went out to Saige. He loved her with everything in him. She didn’t belong in the back of a police care, or to be spending the night in jail. If he’d been sing his big head instead of his small one, it wouldn’t have been the case.

“Get the fuck off my property.” He spat at Sade. Sade was taking back, she thought Nelson was going to invite her in to finish what they started, but she was sadly mistaken.

“Let me get my shit.” Sade said, now with an attitude.

“Bitch, you can’t step foot in here.”

“Nelson, I need my shit.”

“Fuck you!” Nelson went inside and slammed the door. Sade started banging on the door until her hands got red and sore.

“Fuck!” She screeched reaching into her hoodie to see if she had her car keys. Luckily, she did. Sade opened her car door, brushing some of the glass pieces off her seat.

“Ouch!” A piece of glass nicked her finger. She sucked her finger to stop the bleeding as she got in the car. Carefully running over the shattered glass in the driveway. Sade was off to a destination unknown.

Nelson paced the living room floor, replaying today’s scenario in his head. Starting with him fucking Sade, to Saige bussing in on them and going loco, busting out their car windows. He shut his eyes tightly as flashes of Saige’s face in the backseat of the police car jogged his memory.

“Damn!’’ Nelson yelled out, punching a hole in the wall. He knew he had fucked up. Everything he lived for was because of Saige. She had his back 1000% and he betrayed her by fucking her baby sister. There was no coming back from this, but he would try everything in his power to get her back. He had to, his life depended on it. Nelson was nothing without Saige and he was grown enough to admit it. Whatever it takes, he was willing to do.

The next morning couldn’t come quick enough, as Saige tossed and turned all night. She was still in disbelief that she just spent the night in jail, over two people she cared deeply about. She knew her sister had a bad rep, but it didn’t change the fact that she was her sister. The word on the street wasn’t stronger than the love she had for her baby sister, but it was clear Sade didn’t feel the same way. If she could go out her way to fuck the man Saige was supposed to marry, it was clear that she didn’t value family, nor loyalty

And Nelson, she would’ve never guessed he would stoop so low as fucking her sister. Nelson wasn’t an angel or the perfect companion. There were run ends with other females in the past, but Saige forgave him, and they moved on; things were good for them. Nelson knew that the only way Saige would walk down that aisle to him was if he cleaned up his act. Which he finally did and it made Saige’s heart get, but obviously it was prematurely. Nelson had not changes, he was worst. Out of all the females in Rochester he chose to step out with Sade in the home they shared.

Ager filled Saige each time she thought of it. Busting out the windows of their cars didn’t scratch the surface of the pain she felt. And she was determined to cause them pain. Not physical, that would be too easy. But, the type of pain that lingered in your heart, body and mind. The type of pain that keeps you up at night because you can’t fathom the feeling. The type of pain that said, “Gotcha bitch! Love, Karma.”

“Saige Nicole Barry,” the county judge called Saige up to the defendant stand, “it says here that you were caught busting windows out of cars with a pink Louisville slugger.”

“Yes, your honor.” Saige agreed.

The judge looked at Saige, “do you care to explain?”

“Yes, you honor. I will. I left work early to surprise my fiancé. Lately, we’ve been getting into petty arguments about me working so much, so I figured I’d come home early and do something special for him. When I open the door, I see him ass naked, fucking the shit out of my baby sister.” Saige explained. The audience were in complete shock, whispers filled the courtroom.

“Order. Order in the court.” The judge banged his gavel down.

“Excuse my language sir,” Saige continued, “but that’s the truth. As they stood before me putting the blame on one another, I snuck out the door to bust the windows, then to bust the both upside the head.”

The crowd laughed.

“Order!” The judge belched out again.

“Miss Barry,” he began, “that was not a smart thing to do.”

Saige head dropped in embarrassment and disappointment.

“But, this is your first time in my court. And because this is your first appearance, I order you 100 days of probation & restitution to the owners of the vehicles.

Saige was elated, she could not imagine being in jail any longer, that one cold night was more than she could handle.

“Thank you, thank you!” Saige pleaded.

“Miss Barry, remember you deserve better than this, don’t let people pull you into their hell. Good day.” And just like that Saige was free. Saige replayed the judge’s words the entire time she waited to get her belongings, ‘…don’t let people pull you into their hell.”  Saige smiled a sinister smile. She thought to herself, the only hell they’d be visiting is one of Saige Nicole Barry’s wrath.

Saige walked outside to see Nelson waiting for her. Her heart sped up as she tried to figure out what to do. It was harder than she thought, but she had to work her plan.

“Hey.” Nelson spoke nervously.

“Hey, baby.” Saige cheered, as if she didn’t just catch him cheating the night before and wasn’t walking out the jail house.

Nelson wasn’t expecting that response at all, but he was cool with what he got. He rushed over to the passenger side to open the door for Saige.

“Thank you.” Saige said politely as she climbed into the car and put on her seatbelt, patiently waiting for Nelson to do the same.

“Can we stop to grab a bite to eat, I’m starving?” Saige laughed.

“Uh…sure baby, of course we can.” Nelson stuttered, still shocked at Saige’s good mood.

Nelson and Saige ate in silence. Saige mostly ate, she was indeed starving, while Nelson didn’t have much of an appetite. He was too busy trying to figure out what to say to Saige. He knew good and well that last night was major and ain’t no way Saige was going to forget that. But for now, he stayed quiet. When Saige was ready to talk, he would be prepared.

After they finished their meals, Nelson headed home. There was still glass in the driveway sending a reminder of last night’s events as if they needed a reminder.

Saige looked at the shattered glass everywhere, comparing it to the shattered heart she was attempting to hold together. Saige went inside with Nelson right behind her.

“Sade here?” Saige asked.

Surprised Nelson swallowed hard before answering, “No, I kicked her out last night.”

“Oh.” Saige singly responded. She knew Nelson would, but she couldn’t help but ask. She already felt as if she didn’t know him anymore, so she needed confirmation.

Saige went into the bathroom to shower. Nelson sat in the living room, twiddling his thumbs about Saige’s weird behavior. He just knew she’d still be livid, giving him a run for his money. But to his surprise she was the calm and sweet Saige that she normally was.

When Saige was out the shower she stepped back inside and begin sweeping up the broken glass.

“Baby, you don’t have to do that.” Nelson interjected, but Saige smiled at him shrugging her shoulders. At this point Nelson wished Saige would go off because her calmness was driving him crazy.

Nelson stood on the grass admiring Saige. All the reasons he fell in love with her came to his mind. He couldn’t believe he had fucked this up, but then again Nelson knew he wasn’t shit.

He was good for acting out temporarily without thinking of the consequences. Although Saige knew of his infidelity, he had never been caught in the act. Saige’s knowledge was more of suspension because of the way he acted. Nelson was sure to keep things under control, but this time he lost it.

Once Saige was done cleaning the driveway, she came back in and headed to the guest room where Sade had been sleeping. Saige started to pack up her sister things. Nelson wasn’t too far behind her, still, as he watched from the doorway.

“Baby?” Nelson spoke up.

“Yes?” Saige asked with the most innocent look on her face.

Nelson dreaded a response to his next question, “What’s up with you?”

“Nothing!” Saige smiled and continued to neatly pack up Sade’s things.

“You’re acting weird, baby.”

“Weird?” Saige laughed.

“Yes, weird. Look can we talk about this?’

Saige laughed again, but this time her laugh was not her own. Nelson took that as his que to leave the situation alone. He knew Saige well enough to know, something was up, he just didn’t know what.

Saige had finally finished packing up her sister’s things. She gave her a call so she could bring them to her.

“Hello?” Sade answered hesitantly.

“Hey, sis!” Saige was full of energy.

“Hey.” Sade response was dry. She too was raddling her brain, like Nelson, trying to figure out why the fuck her sister was being so nice.

“I just packed all your things, Nelson said you left, so I wanted to know where can I drop them off to?”


Saige laughed, “Ohh what? Where are you?”

“I’m at the hotel downtown near St. Paul.”

“Okay, cool. I’m on my way. I’ll text you when I’m outside.” Saige hung up without letting Sade respond.

Sade’s heart was racing, her sister was acting as if nothing happened. She didn’t think she would ever see her stuff again. Sade just knew Saige would be on savage mode because of the affair, but that phone call said otherwise. Sade heart sped up as she got Saige’s text saying she was there.

Sade grabbed her razor blade just in case. Saige had already fucked up her car and attempted to hit her with a bat. And the obvious, she just caught her fucking her man. She had to play it safe. Sister or not, she had to protect herself, by any means.

When Saige saw Sade come out the hotel lobby she smiled, as Sade got closer Saige reached in for a hug. Safe returned the embrace. If Saige was over it, so was she. Shit, not need to hold grudges with family.

“Okay, sis! I got to run. Take care” Saige blew a kiss a Sade as she hopped into Nelson’s Benz and drove off. Sade stood on the sidewalk for a while watching Sade drive down East Main St. Sade grabbed her bags and headed back into the lobby. Once in her room she opened her luggage to see if Saige had fucked over her clothes. All her clothes were there and they looked like they weren’t tampered with.


        “Who is it?” Sade yelled.


        “Who the fuck is it?” Sade yelled again, annoyed.


Sade pulled open the door to find two detectives and a canine outside her hotel room.

“What the fuck?” Sade yelled as they rushed past her, following the canine. He sniffed all over Sade’s bags and barked uncontrollably.

“Found it!” One of the detectives yelled out.

“Found what?” Sade was so confused.

The other detective drew his gun pointing it at Sade, “put your hands up!”

Sade did just that. The detective cuffed Sade and sat her on the couch as they rummaged through her things. He pulled out bundles and bundles of heroin. Sade was in disbelief.

“Those shits aint mine!” Sade yelled.

“Well, this is your bag, aint it?” One detective asked.

“Yes,” Sade started, “but those bundles aint mine.”

“Tell it to the judge!” The detectives both laughed as Sade got walked out. Outside the hotel was surrounded by cops.

‘This is some bullshit!’ Sade thought to herself. Before getting into the car she peeped Saige in Nelson’s Benz across the street. ‘This Bitch!” Sade thought as she watched Saige smiling. Saige blew a kiss at her baby sis before flipping her off. Saige drove off, leaving Sade defeated.

Saige put enough bundles in Sade’s bags to put her away for a long time. Watching Sade’s face as she walked out the hotel in cuffs were more satisfying than any ass beating she could’ve given her. Now she was going to rot in a prison cell with nothing, or no one, but her new bitch mates.

Saige laughed the entire ride home, blasting Jhene Aiko’s The Worst. She reached home just in time to see Nelson searching around the house like a mad man.

“Hey, Nelson. I’m back.” Saige announced, but it fell on deaf ears. Nelson was on a one-track mind.

“Where the fuck is my shit!” Nelson asked no one in particular. Saige smiled knowing exactly what he was referring to.

“Babe, you good?” Sage asked, already knowing the answer.

“Baby, I can’t find my shit. I know it’s here. I know…” Nelson stopped, realizing he just told on himself. Saige warned him plenty of times not to keep his drugs there. He thought he was slick at hiding it, but Saige wasn’t stupid. She knew exactly where he kept them.

“Did you check your hiding spot? Saige put her hands on her hips, knowing good and well, they weren’t there. Instead the bundles were in the Rochester’s Police Department custody.

“How do you know about my spot?” Nelson asked trying to flip the script.

“I know everything that goes on in here Nelson. It’s my fucking house!”

“Baby, where is it?” Nelson pleaded, “I need it now baby, I have a drop in a few hours.”

Saige smiled her sinister smile. She became very accustomed with it over the past 24 hours.

“Saige Nicole Barry.” Nelson’s voice was firm and Saige knew that him calling out her while government he was pissed, but it did not phase her.

“Ask Sade?” Saige blurted out before going into the bedroom.

“Sade? Ask Sade? Saige come on, that shit aint funny.”

“Who’s laughing?” Sade asked although she found it quite hilarious.

Nelson was about to respond, just as his phone rang, “yo? Be there in a minute. I got caught up.” Nelson hung up and put his focus back on Saige.

“Saige tell me what the fuck is going on?”

“Let’s just say Sade got hold of a few bundles, RPD got a hold of her and well, you know the rest.

Nelson put his head in his hands. “That was more than a few, Saige. That was major weight, yo. They gonna take her down.” Nelson explained.

“Welp!” Sade shot her hands up. Nelson shook his head. He should’ve known Saige was up to something, but he didn’t think she’d go this extreme. As if, fucking her baby sister in their living room wasn’t extreme enough. The difference though, was that Saige had a good heart. He couldn’t imagine her fucking them over like that.

“Baby, I’m fucked now.” Nelson said. He wanted to choke the shit out of Saige, but the guilt he felt wouldn’t allow him to be a hypocrite.

Saige didn’t respond. She seductively took off her clothes and went in the master bathroom to run a bath.

Nelson paced the floor trying to think if a plan. He had to figure something out quick! Saige heard Nelson pull off as she cleansed her skin. She had no regrets, just bitter happiness.

To Saige’s surprise, Nelson returned home that night. He was beat really bad, but he was still able to drive home. Saige helped Nelson to the couch as he stumbled into the living room. She didn’t need an explanation. She already knew he had gotten beat the fuck up for not having the bundles she pinned on Sade.

“I got two hours to get their money. Two fucking hours!” Nelson spat, “What the fuck were you thinking Saige?”

Saige stood up and smiled, “I was thinking ya’ll fucked with the wrong bitch! And I’m not talking about me. I’m talking about the bad bitch named Karma!” Saige left the house, hopped in her car she had all packed up and drove off to start a new life.


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