Hair Rehab: 6 month check in

 I said it six months ago and I’ll say it again. “The best thing for me was to cut my transitioning hair, so I can fully embrace my natural curly locs.”
The past six months has been an adventure, though. Days of me admiring @thecutlife IG page, begging my hair stylist for some creamy crack. S|O to Ash for refusing to be my dealer! I had to seek out as many natural hair pages I could find, but this time, not for wishes of being like them, instead as motivation to be like me. I embraced my natural hair for about 2 days after the big chop and then I braided it up into box braids. It’s a protective style, I told myself, but the reality was I was protecting my comfort. My hair held so much value to me, I didn’t even know of. When I finally took those braids out and gained enough courage to rock my fro, the compliments rolled in. I must admit, I was feeling myself. My smile got bigger, my strut gained power and my conversations with myself in the mirror was affirming. By May, I had no problem going outside with the hair that grew from my scalp. Whether it was a wash & go, 2 strand twist or perm-rod curls. I was doing the damn thang! I finagled with products, trying to see what works best for me. (Coconut Oil and I have become really good friends.) I talked to strangers about their natural hair journey and the products they used. It’s amazing how many women I run into with natural hair, but it’s not a journey for them. It’s life! Most of these women have never been close to a box relaxer and the thought never escaped their psyche. That’s very powerful! I’ve incorporated protective styles into the mix, but it was solely for protection of my hair or if I wanted a different look. I’m no longer hiding my hair, just putting it away for a few weeks at a time. 
Now, let’s talk about this growth! I can’t believe it, it’s shocking that I have a little puff ponytail after 6 months! My hang time is poppin’. I kinda kick myself thinking I’ve should’ve done this sooner, all those curly sew-ins I use to install and I had all the curls I needed underneath. I’ll continue to play with different styles and methods to see what I can achieve. The picture above was my attempt at Zulu Knots. Not perfect, but it’ll work today, because I have to work! 

Oh wait! Don’t forget wash days! Lovely long wash days! I guess that’s my Me Time, because I need wine, strength and a lot of reinforcements to get through them 
It’s a work in progress, but I’m up for the challenge! 

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