Tell Her 

I wonder what you’ll tell your next girl about me

Will you tell her all my secrets, you pinky promised to keep 

Cross your heart & hope to die

Stick a needle into my heart

Will you tell her how you played me like a fiddle

Fingering my strings

Creating an emotional masterpiece

As I cried a melodic ocean of tears 

Will you tell her you loved me, but we grew apart

Will you downplay my innocence

Will you tell her I fought like crazy to keep you satisfied

But it wasn’t enough to fulfill your needs

Your appetite was bigger, than my heart

Will you tell her that I loved you, despite all I been through

Will you tell her, I trusted you, even when I shouldn’t have

Will you tell her I gave you hall passes & that’s the reason you’re speaking to her about me 

Will you tell her, you got Mommy issues

& that no maternal instinct can cure a grown ass boy

Will you tell her the truth or comfort her with a lie, because that’s where you’re comfortable 

Will you sit across from her at the dinner table, staring in her eyes

Feeding her bullshit, after bullshit, until she’s full of bullshit she believes is fine dining

Will you caress her left hand & stroke her fourth finger, talkin’ ‘bout “putting a ring on it”

Will you watch her cheeks turn red as she forms a smile, butterflies filling her belly disguising warning signs. 

Will you tell her, she was once I & I was once she 

The she before me

The she who broke your heart into a million pieces, that my love couldn’t fix

Because once your heart was back whole, the pain seeped through the glued cracks. 

You ignored it, I ignored it, she will ignore it 

You’ll spend the rest of your life telling your next about me, about her, about she

What about you? 

Will you tell them you’re scared, afraid & broken

Will you confess that your unsure of love because there’s no self-love

Will you admit you got trust issues because you can’t be trusted 

Will you plead for situationships because commitment is your kryptonite 

You’re afraid to feel, so you make sure they feel every painful emotion a woman can feel

Will you realize your numb

Will you tell her about me? 

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