Life is not a Fairy Tale

Ever since I was a kid I would always plan out my life. Disney was very popular in both households, so of course I was going to live this fairy tale life; happily ever after. I was going to become a entrepreneur/teacher/lawyer/doctor/nurse/interior decorator/writer, marry a successful man (tall, dark & handsome), have 10 babies! Yup! TEN! We’d live in this huge mansion, surrounded by a white picket fence. Mommy would never let me get a dog, no matter how many times I put it on my Christmas list, so I was going to get my babies a dog! Shoot maybe even two. As long as I had my King, my 10 Bebe’s kids, my white picket fence, and enough room for them to run around with the dogs! I’d be happy! But, Walt Disney did not write nor direct my life. I’ve learned, the hard way, that life was not a fairy tale. I’ve also learned that life does not always go as planned. Don’t get me wrong, It is very important to set goals & put plans in motions to achieve those goals, but you must be prepared for the, not so straight & narrow.

Currently I am a Registered Nurse, an author & business owner (CEO of Press 3 Seventeen publishing) I am NOT married, and I have 1 baby! & before you ask, I do not plan to have 9 more. Maybe two! Lol. We do not live in a mansion, and probably never well, because who’s going to keep that huge house clean?! Not me! Because I got things to do! My life is nothing like I planned it to be when I was a little girl, I knew nothing about life. I didn’t know the battles I’d face, the tears I’d shed, or the amount of times I wanted to give up! But, I will not complain, because everyday I squeeze my lemons, to make orange juice! Everyday I look at the things I have versus the things I don’t. I listen to music to calm my spirit. I surround myself with good people, who appreciate me, understand my bitchy spells & still love me.

No matter how I think my life should have been, it is what it is. And to have life is enough to be grateful for.

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