Fresh Start

I’ve never been so happy to start a new week. The past week has been complete chaos, without reason. I believe that’s the worst type. When you can’t put your finger on what’s really wrong, but you know something isn’t right. Your stomach won’t settle no matter what you do. Your favorite songs won’t heal like they normal do. As you search for an answer, the mission becomes void, as void as you feel. Empty. Lost. Helpless.

Trying to find clues, retracing your steps. It was all good just a week ago, where has the time went? The time spent chasing dreams, smiling, loving life. Looking to be accepted in a place where there’s no acceptance. Unaware that inside is where it lives…and dies. My insides die as I struggle to make it through the day. My poker face hides the truth. I call a bluff, but who am I kidding? This isn’t a game, although I’m forced to play these cards I was dealt.

Every minute becomes 60, as 24 hours makes the day. But there’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow which is just like yesterday, a prediction of the nxt day. Thank God last week is over & this week begins.

Hello, new week. Be good to me.

“Sometimes only paper will listen to you.” -Unknown

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