Self Love

One day you will realize that you are enough. You won’t have to internalize every thing that goes wrong, thinking there is something wrong with you. You will look in the mirror & love what you see. You will be so absorbed in yourself that what others think will not matter. You will be happy. You will be grateful for the experiences that got you where you needed to be. You will not seek validation from anyone, but yourself. You will be genuine to those around you regardless of those who are not. You will take the time to grow, even if it’s through concrete. You will water yourself. You will reek of happiness, that can not be taking away. You will find serenity. You will be mindful of who you let in, but will not walk on eggshells blocking blessings. You will know what is for you & what is not…& you will accept that. You will cry only tears of joy. You will not overthink every situation, instead let it flow. You will live your life to its full potential, not holding back. You will rise above. You will live. You will be great. One day you will realize that you are enough.

3 thoughts on “Self Love

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  1. AMEN… I receive every word that I just read. Been in that mindset for the pass 2 weeks. Very inspiring, courageous and blessing words. Love you 😘. Thank God for you…


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