Ain’t I a Woman

IMG_2322My rendition of Sojourner Truth’s Ain’t I a woman.

Original: Ain’t I a Woman by: Sojourner Truth

Dear white man,
Ain’t I a woman
Ain’t I as smart as you, in some case smarter than you
But, I can’t get yo job?
Oh I will get yo job & I will do yo job,
Better than you can do your job.
Better than any of you fancy red necks covered up with a white collar and a striped tie
But they won’t pay me enough to do your job
No matter how good I am.
No matter how much I help this company they won’t pay to do a man’s job
Even tho this job is better worked with these hands
A hand of a woman
A strong black woman, might I add
Ain’t I a woman
Ya damn right I’m a woman
Coming for your spot so you better watch out

Dear white woman
Ain’t I a woman
Look at my curves
My breast, my waist my hips
I can bear children just as you can
I bleed every month, in excruciating pain for a week, just like you do
Ain’t I a woman enough
I mean you go visit them doctors
To get these big lips
Black woman lips
You visit them doctors to get these hips & this behind
My Saartije Baartman, the original big booty queen behind
You visit them tanning beds
Turning ur skin orange
Tryna be sunkissed like me
Well look honey black don’t crack
And I won’t bend nor fold
I deserve to love a man just as you do
I deserve to marry a man, just as you do
& stay married to a man that loves me

Dear black man
Ain’t I a woman
Ain’t I a beautiful black woman
Look at ya mama, look at ya daughter
Ain’t they a woman
Ain’t they a beautiful black woman
So why must you disrespect me
Why must you call me bitches & hoes, sluts & tricks
You see James Brown knew better
It may be a man’s world
But it ain’t nothin & I mean nothin
Without a woman or a girl
You see we carried your hard head behind for 10 months.
They say it’s 9 but they lying
We pushed out your big head for hours screaming in agony, tears of joy fill our eyes as we hold you in our arms
And we pray that we gonna keep you safe
But who gonna keep us safe
Who gonna protect us women while the whole world is against us
They after you too
My black men, you’re not excused
You know they dont like black little boys
They already got it planned where you gonna go
But we built like Michelle Obama, Coretta Scott
I got yo back, you better have mine

Dear black woman
Ain’t I a woman
Look at me sista
Better yet look in the mirror
Ain’t you a woman
A beautiful black woman
A beautiful strong black woman
A beautiful strong courageous black woman
You see I may be a little darker than you
And she my be a little lighter than me
But I’m still woman, a black woman
You see God was a little more generous with the melanin He Give me
But He wasn’t stingy with yours
Embrace it honey chile
Just as J. Cole says, Love yours
There is no life better than yours
Ain’t I a woman
Ya damn right I’m a woman
I’ma full time scholar woman
Ima a hard working woman
Imma teen mom woman
Ima single mother woman
Raised by a single mother woman who was raised by a single mother woman
Ain’t we still a woman
You see they dnt wanna see us united
It’s something about the strength of a woman
Especially a black woman
That they Cnt handle
Who is they, you ask
The white man
The black man
The men in between
The white woman
You too, black woman
& The women in between
Sometimes even me
You see society tried to tear me down
But I’m healing
I’m not who they say I am
I am who I say Imma be
And Im a woman ain’t I

Thanks for listening, I ain’t gonna hold you up, young Mariah ain’t got nothin else to say.

“Women writers lifer themselves up from the depths; as they rise, each brings with her what she is able to carry.” – Lucy Poate Stebbins 

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