you ever been to a place so dark?
where the only light you see, is when you close your eyes?
you see a life worth living
happiness. contentment. a life.
you hear waves from the ocean smacking against the sand
a sound so serene
bringing about peace & tranquility
a life where nothing matters
you’re alone, but far from lonely
you’re in your place, designed just for you
your get away. temporary healing. a vacation.
& then you’re awake
back to that dark place
it’s loud
flourescent lights on the ceiling
as you are rushed down the hallway
men and women dress in blue clothing
machines beeping, water dripping
your heart heard outside your chest
you’re scared
not out of fear of dying, but fear of being saved;
you planned things perfectly;
wrote the perfect note;
picked the perfect time;
took the perfect pills;
but i guess nothing is perfect;
because you’re back in that dark place;
when all you wanted was to see the light;

“I mean to write about death, only life came breaking in as usual.” – Virginia Woolf

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