First blog post

I originally wrote this poem on September 3, 2014. I feel it is best that I make this my first entry. It encompasses my whole reason for writing.

as a young girl, she had many dreams
to fall in love, to be a singer, to have a pet unicorn
all the things that seemed impossible, became possible
as she touched her pen to her pad
her letters, made words
her words, made sentences
that told stories
fabrication of her imagination
she was misunderstood as she spoke
made close to no sense
but as she wrote, oh as she wrote, the words tuned in
no matter how far she went from home, she travelled with her pen
jotting down her conversations within her mind
as they became too strong to contain inside her brain
she spills them out on her hand
napkin, fabric, anything near
if need be she wrote with her blood, sweat or tears
but life got in the way
reality blocked her imagination
no more fantasizing
quit daydreaming
stop scribbling everywhere
she just couldn’t understand
she found love in her poems, her stories, her skits
she wrote songs she could never sing
she never got that pet unicorn,
but the little girl in the bedtime stories, she told her son, had one
she fought the urge to write
tossing and turning at night
but the more she fought, the more she lost
but indeed she had won

“Writing is a calling, not a choice.” – Isabel Allende

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